Find Home, Hope, And Holiness

In this fast paced world, we invite you to focus on what matters most: a relationship with Jesus Christ.

You Are Loved Unconditionally

This simple but profound truth can change your life.  At the Quad-Parishes of Annunciation, St. Joseph, St. Jude and St. Patrick,
we are committed to discovering a love that goes deeper than you could possibly imagine.
Through a combination of community, formation, Catholic liturgical life, and opportunities to serve,
we invite you to come to know how deeply treasured you are.

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Letter From Father Dave

Throughout the year we celebrate the coming of Jesus into our lives. This is a miracle that happens whenever love, hope, and wonder are brought into the world. It can happen over coffee with a friend, in the checkout line at a supermarket, or at a Fourth of July picnic. It can happen noisily -- like when kids come home; or quietly -- in the hush of a hospital room. It can happen through a hand extended in welcoming hospitality or in voices lifted in joyful song. Jesus is present when we are sacrament and food for others, willing to be broken and shared. He is there in the small moments when people are real and available to each other. That’s when love is born. We invite you to discover Jesus' presence in your life as a part of this healthy, alive, and growing community we call the Quad-Parishes.